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Global script to update all dashboard elements

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I have created a few dashboards using JavaScript on SimHub and one feature that I believe would make coding a lot easier would be to have the option to run one global script that has access to all the elements on the dash. At least to me it seemed like this is not possible currently, and you have to tie the scripts to the dashboard elements which means you have to run the same script a lot of times for each of the elements. I know there's the option to have a global script in the sense that the elements can have access to the same functions and call them. But I would like something that would work the other way around: one script that tracks events and then updates all the dashboard elements centrally.

I don't know how easy it would be to have something like this within the SimHub architecture but it is something that I noticed would have made my work a lot easier. Anyway, thanks for the great software and keep up the good work.

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