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Phanateks dRGB  


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17/11/2020 4:05 pm  

Quick rundown,

My Phanteks case (and I am sure may others) seems to not daisy chain all my fans but run them in series, so I have no data out.

I have built simple a circuit to connect each fan to a different pin and have a sketch that will alternate a few effects at random and each fan is handled independently (let me know if anyone wants the sketch.)

So I have tried in the default setup to select 3 different types of LED to the 3 pins I use and the arduino keeps dropping in simhub, I have tried to "replace" one of the other LED codes in the sketch and simhub does not recognise the arduino, I have duplicated WS2812B and made it and all refferences WS2812B2, It will quickly detect 12 LEDs and drop over and over again.

Is there anyway to get 3 dRGB strips on 1 arduino?

Thanks in advance