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Hello together,

I connected it to an Arduino Nano 3x TM1637 and finally configured it in Simhub:

TM1637 7 Segment 6 Digit (red) - Displays the current lap time
TM1637 7 Segment 6 Digit (yellow) - Displays the lap time of the previous lap
TM1637 7 Segment 6 Digit (yellow) - Displays the fastest lap of the current session
So far so good, it works perfectly so far. If anyone has any questions about this - you're welcome πŸ™‚ I had to muddle my way into the Simhub config quite a bit
and it definitely took me some time to understand the correct configuration.

But now to my problem. In contrast to the yellow TM1637, the red TM1637 has problems with strong flickering.
That just looks totally ugly. The β€œerror” is also widespread and you can find quite a few articles with solutions on the Internet.

My problem is that I don't understand how to get this together with Simmhub. I play a sketch via Simhub,
However, the solutions on the Internet always refer to a configuration in the β€œArduino IDE” tool.

I don't understand how I can implement the necessary config in my Simhub scenario.
I found out that I can use the Arduino Configuration APP (where the sketch is created).
"File->Open in Arduino IDE" which can open and edit the sketch in the Arduino IDE.
But there are what feels like 50 different tabs and I just don't know where I have to enter the necessary configuration.

For example, here is a post where there is a solution for the flickering:


removed link


How do I include the solution in my sketch?

Thanks a million in advance and best regards!