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Snapshot of changing values

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Hi there,

thanks first of all for the support given, entire community and forum ist great!


I’m looking for a solution to snapshot a changing value! Easy example, snapshot the gear I have at 20m in Pitlane! Just an example, to show that gear fixed on the dash, and after pit again it shows again the gear, maybe a different!


Thanks a lot in advance!!!



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Hello geometry dash scratch, I think you can use a combination of sensors and programming techniques. Here's a general outline of how you could approach this:

  • Sensor data: You would need a sensor or multiple sensors to gather the necessary information. In this case, you might require a speed sensor to determine the distance traveled and a gear position sensor to detect the current gear.
  • Data logging: Set up a data logging system that continuously records the sensor readings. This can be done using a microcontroller, such as an Arduino or Raspberry Pi, connected to the sensors. The microcontroller can log the sensor data at regular intervals or trigger logging based on specific conditions.
  • Programming: Write a code that captures the gear position when the distance traveled reaches 20 meters in the pit lane. This can be done by monitoring the distance reading from the speed sensor and checking if it crosses the 20-meter mark. Once the condition is met, the code will capture the current gear position and store it in memory.
  • Display: Connect a display, such as an LCD screen or LED display, to your microcontroller. Write code to update the display with the captured gear position whenever it changes. This way, you can see the gear position on the dashboard or wherever the display is located.
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