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Star Citizen Support (and even MS Flight Sim 2020)

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Star Citizen support would be awesome. I'm not a programmer so I don't know how complicated this would be. 


BUT this would open up Sim Hub to a whole new world. Would like to see Sim Hub add support to Star Citizen and flight sims (using current rumble kits on the market like Sim 3d and other rumble providers. As well as even Fanatec, Thrustmaster wheelbases and and pedals.)


Could use this with current wheelbase setups without having to buy separate equipment like yokes, flight sticks etc... Just need to be creative.

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FYI, I don't think it is possible.
Currently the only product available for flight games is SimShaker for Aviators.

Below is a recent answer from the developer on that software.

Will SimShaker support Elite Dangerous / Star Citizen?
I'd like to add support for those titles, but lack of appropriate interface to access game physics data blocks.

These requests for flight support come up frequently and the historical response is that Flight uses a very different set of telemetry. It's also possible that they just don't interest the author of this software and it is important for the author to care about a subject or the results just won't be that good. 

I've tried D-Box's flight haptics for DCS and they are very limited and in the case of the engine rpm effect it actually seriously hurts the feeling of motion. 

I'm using SimShaker for Aviators right now, but it is very painful to use compared to SimHub and it simply uses wav file loops. So you can trigger a wav file that will be sent to all channels and customizing per channel effects means editing multi channel audio files. This means that most people don't bother. I've been using Audacity to shift the pitch into the range of one or more of my transducers, but I've not created multi-channel effects. I've just centered each effect I want around the sweet area of a particular transducer.

There is a HUGE hole in the market for good flight tactile.  I'd love it if SimHub were able to handle this. Personally I would love to have DCS support.  

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I myself would contribute via paypal AFTER support for DCS was made.