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I see simhub have only a ID number for series name. Any way we can have that listed as a name instead? As for example IMSA FIX or FF1600Fix. I know racelabs have it but i dont see it here on simhub.  Any clue?


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EDIT: updated list


First of all, sorry for my bad English

I have made a scipt for that myself. I'm still learning Javascript, so don't know if it can be done in a shorter script, but this is working very well for me in Iracing.

Hope this will help you out

Put this in a text script in dashstudio:


var serie = $prop('GameRawData.SessionData.WeekendInfo.SeriesID')

if (serie == null)return 'Iracing'
if (serie == '0')return 'Iracing'
if (serie == '63')return 'Spec Racer Ford Challenge'
if (serie == '74')return 'Radical Racing Challenge'
if (serie == '112')return 'Production Car Simlab Challenge'
if (serie == '134')return 'Street Stock'
if (serie == '135')return '13th Week Mazda MX-5 Cup'
if (serie == '139')return 'Global Mazda MX-5 Fanatec Cup'
if (serie == '182')return 'Street Stock Fanatec Series'
if (serie == '210')return 'Global Fanatec Challenge'
if (serie == '228')return 'GT Sprint VRS Series'
if (serie == '231')return 'Advanced Mazda MX-5 Cup Series'
if (serie == '237')return 'GT Endurance VRS Series'
if (serie == '242')return '13th Week Tube Frame Twister'
if (serie == '259')return 'Pickup Cup'
if (serie == '275')return 'Nurburgring Endurance Championship'
if (serie == '279')return '24H Nurburgring'
if (serie == '295')return '13th Week Battle of the little wings'
if (serie == '298')return '24H Daytona'
if (serie == '315')return 'Dirt Legends Cup'
if (serie == '317')return 'Dirt UMP Modified (Fixed)'
if (serie == '325')return 'Iracing Rallycross'
if (serie == '331')return 'European Endurance Series'
if (serie == '341')return 'Dirtcar Street Stock Series'
if (serie == '345')return 'Symkhana'
if (serie == '353')return 'Ferrari GT3 Challenge'
if (serie == '355')return '13th Week Ferrari GT3 Challenge'
if (serie == '379')return '13th Week Ridiculousness'
if (serie == '382')return 'Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series'
if (serie == '386')return 'IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge'
if (serie == '419')return 'IMSA Endurance Series'
if (serie == '430')return 'TCR Virtual Challenge Challenge (Fixed)'
if (serie == '432')return 'GT Heusinkveld Challenge'
if (serie == '435')return 'Muddy Mess Dirt UMP Series'
if (serie == '444')return 'GT3 Fanatec Challenge'
if (serie == '446')return 'Dirt Street Stock Series (Rookie)'
if (serie == '447')return 'IMSA Iracing Series'
if (serie == '448')return 'European Sprint Pure Driving School Series'
if (serie == '451')return 'Creventic Endurance Championship'
if (serie == '455')return 'Formula Vee Iracing Series'
if (serie == '457')return 'LMP2 Prototype Challenge'
if (serie == '459')return 'Iracing Rallycross'
if (serie == '462')return 'Rookie Pro-2 Lite Offroad Racing Series'
if (serie == '470')return 'Iracing Rallycross'
if (serie == '483')return 'Rookie Legends VRS Cup'
if (serie == '492')return 'IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge'
if (serie == '503')return 'TCR Virtual Challenge'
if (serie == '514')return 'Iracing GR Cup'
if (serie == '519')return 'Iracing Clio Cup'
if (serie == '520')return 'Formula 1600 Rookie Series'
if (serie == '521')return 'Formula 1600 Trophy Series'
if (serie == '526')return 'Ring Meister Ricmotech Series'
if (serie == '528')return '13th Week Dirt Ridiculousness'
if (serie == '535')return 'GTE Sprint Conspit Series'
if (serie == '550')return 'Micro Winged Dirt Sprintcar Series'
if (serie == '555')return '13th Week Wet & Wild'
if (serie == '556')return '13th Week Funny Forecast'







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@smiddyy Where did you find this list of ID's for Series Names?

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I've searched the internet, but couldn't find any list, wich had made it a lot easier.

So i had to make this list myself, for my series name overlay

I started by joining a lot of different sessions in Iracing and looked into Simhub @ the ('GameRawData.SessionData.WeekendInfo.SeriesID') property

there returns the series ID number


Later i found out an easier way.

Start the Iracing UI

click on 'Official'

click on a serie in 'Official series'

click on Series Info

scroll down, in the bottom right, you see the Series ID


Now and then, i update the script when new series come out or series got new names due to new Sponsorships 😉 

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