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I see simhub have only a ID number for series name. Any way we can have that listed as a name instead? As for example IMSA FIX or FF1600Fix. I know racelabs have it but i dont see it here on simhub.  Any clue?


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First of all, sorry for my bad English

I have made a scipt for that myself. I'm still learning Javascript, so don't know if it can be done in a shorter script, but this is working very well for me in Iracing.

Some Series names can be outdated due to new sponsorships with iracing, so you maybe have to edit them up to date.

And there are some new series, you can add them to the list 😉

Hope this will help you out

Put this in a text script in dashstudio:


var serie = $prop('GameRawData.SessionData.WeekendInfo.SeriesID')

if (serie == null)return 'Iracing'
if (serie == '0')return 'Iracing'
if (serie == '63')return 'Spec Racer Ford Challenge'
if (serie == '74')return 'Radical Racing Challenge'
if (serie == '112')return 'Production Car Simlab Challenge'
if (serie == '134')return 'Street Stock'
if (serie == '135')return '13th Week Mazda MX-5 Cup'
if (serie == '139')return 'Global Mazda MX-5 Fanatec Cup'
if (serie == '182')return 'Street Stock Fanatec Series'
if (serie == '210')return 'Global Fanatec Challenge'
if (serie == '228')return 'GT Sprint VRS Series'
if (serie == '231')return 'Advanced Mazda MX-5 Cup Series'
if (serie == '237')return 'GT Endurance VRS Series'
if (serie == '259')return 'Pickup Cup'
if (serie == '275')return 'Nurburgring Endurance Championship'
if (serie == '279')return '24H Nurburgring'
if (serie == '298')return '24H Daytona'
if (serie == '315')return 'Dirt Legends Cup'
if (serie == '317')return 'Dirt UMP Modified (Fixed)'
if (serie == '325')return 'Iracing Rallycross'
if (serie == '331')return 'European Endurance Series'
if (serie == '341')return 'Dirt Street Stock'
if (serie == '353')return 'Ferrari GT3 Challenge'
if (serie == '355')return '13th Week Ferrari GT3 Challenge'
if (serie == '386')return 'IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge'
if (serie == '430')return 'Touring Car Challenge (Fixed)'
if (serie == '432')return 'GT Heusinkveld Challenge'
if (serie == '444')return 'GT3 Fanatec Challenge'
if (serie == '446')return 'Dirt Street Stock Series (Rookie)'
if (serie == '447')return 'IMSA Iracing Series'
if (serie == '448')return 'European Sprint Pure Driving School Series'
if (serie == '451')return 'Creventic Endurance Championship'
if (serie == '455')return 'Formula Vee Iracing Series'
if (serie == '457')return 'LMP2 Prototype Challenge'
if (serie == '459')return 'Iracing Rallycross'
if (serie == '462')return 'Rookie Pro-2 Lite Offroad Racing Series'
if (serie == '470')return 'Iracing Rallycross'
if (serie == '483')return 'Rookie Legends VRS Cup'
if (serie == '503')return 'Touring Car Turn Racing Challenge'
if (serie == '514')return 'Iracing GR Cup'
if (serie == '492')return 'IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge'