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ETS2 Dashboard SIMHUB - Tesla Dashboard Like Interface

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ETS2 / ATS Dashboard SIMHUB 2024 - Tesla Dashboard Like Interface

Euro Truck Stimulator 2 -  Tesla Dashboard Like Interface

Developed By Tech Chetta Studio (Arvin N V)

Version : 1.0.0 (beta)

Key Features:

1. Truck Dashboard Indication and warning lights.

2. Live view of in road truck with Head Light, Break Light and Indicator graphical preview directly on Dashboard. 

3. Live preview of driving Truck Brand, Model Name and Truck Image.

4. Buttons for Start/Stop, Call for service, Right Window UP & DOWN, Seat UP & DOWN, Music, Game Volume UP & DOWN, Indicators, Hazzard Lights and Settings.

5. Settings Screen with more features.

6. Live Map View.

7. There are more features, So please try and give us the feedback in comments.


Preview Screenshots:


YouTube Video Preview:


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It looks great! Well done!

The whole thing is fabulous, and I particularly like the rear truck view with the brake lights on it!