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Universal dashboard (AC, ACC, AMS1, BeamNG, rF2, RRRE)

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I'm finally posting my own custom dashboard for everyone. I have tied it into Assetto Corsa, ACC, Automobilista, BeamNG.drive, rFactor 2, and RaceRoom. This is a driver's dashboard, presenting everything you might want to put in front of you while you're behind the wheel.

  • large gear display and tachometer
  • blinking light in upper left shows the "most urgent" flag that applies to you
  • lap counter
  • multi-function alert bar which shows the current lap time or one of several alert messages: "PIT LIMITER ON", "PENALTY", "FINISH", etc
    • In AC, ACC, or R3E, if you pick up a slowdown penalty, the remaining duration will be displayed in real time.
    • If you are in the pits with the limiter off, the bar will continue to show laptime, but turn greenish. If you are out of the pits with the limiter still on, it will turn red.
  • session type and time/laps remaining
  • best lap time in session and all-time
  • brake bias, ABS, and TC settings (when applicable)
  • DRS availability/status (when applicable)
  • fuel gauge with current fuel level, number of laps remaining, usage per lap, and pit stop strategy; under 1.2 laps this blinks with a red "BOX THIS LAP" alert
  • current engine map setting; this may also include expected fuel usage when available
  • (AC only) hybrid power gauges showing current charge percentage, deployment strategy, and availability percentage in the current lap
  • (AC/ACC/R3E) gauges showing current damage levels on the car
  • (R3E only) working push-to-pass (P2P) display
  • (R3E only) gauge at bottom left displays current incident count

I could keep going on and on about how it works in text form, but instead I've posted a video.

Available here on RaceDepartment