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PRS-STS ACC Dash 0.7 Dashboard for Nextion 4.3"  

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Hey racers !
Link of the project : click here

I share my creation in association with Piro Racing System (who made my brand new custom steering wheel w/ Nextion 4.3" display)

You must need ACC-CDS - Complete Dash Set V1.4.1
Place these files in Program Files (x86)\SimHub\NextionTemplate

  • PRS-STS_ACC_Dash
  • PRS-STS_ACC_Dash.hmijmap
  • PRS-STS_ACC_Dash.hmistruct

I have used Nextion Editor v0.58 from SimHub for compile.
Still in development ;) be kind with us
New update will be coming in March

Quick look available here : Youtube video

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