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NASCAR Style McLaren PCU-500N Digital Dashboard  


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01/01/2020 5:19 pm  

NASCAR McLaren PCU-500N Digital Dash

Built and tested on USBD-480 Touch Screen and 1920x1080 monitor as an overlay.


Latest Updates

  • Adjust Oil and Water Temp settings to turn red/flash at correct temps matching iRacing warning values (285F Oil, 265F Water)
  • RPMS value colored red >= 8000 per NASCAR configuration
  • Updated with properties from SimHub


Known Issues

  • LED illumination not yet implemented for pit lane speed monitoring
  • Seeking warning threshold values for Oil Pressure, Voltage, Water Pressure, and Fuel Pressure

Enjoy this dash?  Want to help encourage future development or feature requests? Even small gratuities via PayPal are appreciated!

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Love the dash. Have a few issues. The rpm bulbs don’t light up at all. The volts shows 1.3 less the the in car. Water pressure shows nothing. And the oilp and fuelp both don’t show correct number no matter which unit I select in the settings. Any thing to help would be great. Thanks! Took a photo but not sure how to post it if I even can  


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15/01/2020 4:49 am  


There is a way to get the LEDs working, all the files are included with the download, you just have to set it up. Just follow these instructions.

-Download NASCAR McLaren PCU-500N v0.4 from the link in the original post

-Double click the file to install on Sim Hub, and click Import Into Sim Hub Library. Click confirm once imported.

-Open SimHub and open Dash Studio found on the left menu. Scroll and find the dash NASCAR McLaren PCU-500N, and click the more menu found in the lower right of the dashboard's tile, underneath the favorite option.

-Select Edit Dashboard, second from the top. This will open a new window where you can edit the dashboard.

-In the top-right menu, select Images


-Right-click and select export for PCU-500N LED GREEN, PCU-500N LED RED, and PCU-500N LED YELLOW. The software will want to save these to your documents folder as a default. Save them wherever you like.

-In the top-right menu, select Screen

-Scroll down on the Components menu and select LEDS (Widget). In the bottom half of the screen, you will see two banners: one red and one blue. On the blue banner, select Edit Widget. This will open a new tab where you can edit the widget.

-Once in the Edit Widget tab, select Images from the upper right menu. Click Add Images, and select all the LED pictures. If you hold down CTRL while selecting the images, you can select more than one at a time.

-Go back to Screen, and select ShiftLightItem0 (Shift light) from the upper menu. In the lower half of the screen, scroll down to the Shift Light section of the menu.


-If you want the LEDs to blink at the redline, then leave Redline Blink checked. Otherwise uncheck it. In the field ShiftLightMode, select ShiftLight1 from the dropdown menu. Underneath that field, change TotalLeds to 5.

-In the section Toggle Image, go to OnImage. Select PCU-500N LED GREEN from the dropdown menu. If it doesn't appear, select ShiftLightItem1 (Shift Light), and then go back to ShiftLightItem0 (Shift Light).

-The menu should then look like this for ShiftLight0.


-Be sure to make sure the TotalLeds field is 5.

-Select ShiftLightItem1 (Shift Light), and do the same thing as before. The only difference is that you are going to change the LedNumber field to 2.


-Do the same thing for ShiftLightItem2 (Shift Light), ShiftLightItem3 (Shift Light), and ShiftLightItem4 (Shift Light). In the LedNumber field, input 3, 4, and 5 respectively.

-For ShiftLightItem5 (Shift Light), you need to do a few things differently. Keep the LedNumber at 1, but change the ShiftLightMode to ShiftLight2 from the dropdown. Additionally, change the TotalLeds to 2, and the OnImage to PCU-500N Yellow.


-Edit: Upon posting this, I realized I have ShiftLightItem4 (Shift Light) selected instead of ShiftLightItem5 (Shift Light). Just follow the textual instructions and select ShiftLightItem5 (Shift Light), unless you want to customize the LED bar, click here to see how.

-Do the same thing for ShiftLightItem6 (Shift Light), changing the field LedNumber to 2.

-Now, you can select ShiftLightItem7 (Shift Light), and do the same thing as ShiftLightItem5 and ShiftLightItem6, only changing the ShiftLightMode to RedLineReached, and the OnImage to PCU-500N LED RED.


-Finally do the same thing for ShiftLightItem8 (Shift Light), only changing LedNumber to 2.

-In conclusion, the only settings you are changing are LedNumber, RedlineBlink, ShiftLightMode, TotalLeds, and OnImage.

-The only menu options you'll need to select are Screen and Images.


-Final Note: You can do a lot to change this simple setup, such as changing the color of the LEDs, (via a photo editing program), decide whether or not the LED bar blinks at the redline or even the distribution of the colors. I chose to have five green, two yellow, and two red LEDs, based off of Forza Motorsport 7's depiction of the NASCAR cockpit. That is the beauty of the program. Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty and tool around with premade dashboards to make them unique and personalized to you.


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Amazing! Thank you thank you!


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