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4th Monitor Overlay (iRacing only)

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Hello Community
I have been working on an overlay for my 4th monitor for some time now. In the meantime i have implemented many changes and thought that maybe one or the other is also interested.

A screenshot is attached.

For the overlay to work correctly, two files from Romainrob are required (as described in the title, for iRacing only):


Download the two files RSC.iRacingExtraProperties.dll and RSC.iRacingExtraPorperties.pdb and copy them to the root directory of Simhub. Restart Simhub and activate the plugin.

If only the first 20 drivers are displayed in the leaderboard, set the number of drivers to 40 or more in the settings. A screenshot is attached.

As follows the explanations:

The leaderboard shows the top 40 riders. Multiclass is also implemented. The display changes automatically. The sector times of the first 7 sectors are also implemented.

The track map shows the necessary track data. As a special feature, I have also implemented the turn numbers for some tracks. I will continue to add to this.

The time table of your own lap times also shows the track temp and trackusage. Otherwise nothing special.

The Pitstop Box also shows a lot of things that are self-explanatory. I have also added a pit window display, which is quite detailed:
The number of bars represent the remaining laps. A white bar means that the race cannot be finished based on the refuel. Red means that there is not enough fuel. Orange means too early for a pit stop. Green: Pit window is open.

I think I've explained the basics.
Have fun