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F1 2019 Pro Dashboard for Nextion 4.3" 0.97

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Hello there ! 😎 

I have recently placed a new order to Piro Racing System for a new custom wheel with 4.3" on-board display on Nextion.

But I realized that there are only a few dashboards, and they are not very successful in terms of data. So I decided to develop / design my own dash.
After 30 hours+ a version 0.9 is born, I couldn't try it because I don't have a display. But don't worry : I use the different tools of Whotever from SimHub offer. Don't forget: It's a early version, soon I upload a new without branding on idle screen. (I share this one for test and grab some feedbacks)

You must need to use Ensi Ferrum F1 2019 plugin (v0.1.1) and Gary Swallow plugin. (both is available in the archive)

You can modify the content of this dash as you wish.
If you have any problem, or want help, please contact me before rating this resource

Quick look (this video is about version 0.7, a lot of things are fixed now) : Youtube video

Link of download: click here


[ Update: Changelog ]

- Pit page is triggered when PitLimiter is ON. (shotout to Quentin)
- Pit page reworked (driver behind/ahead gap, clutch release)
- Some formula fixed

[ Update #2 Changelog ]

- Idle page: Fixed gradient / lines
- Main Race page: Added tyres wear
- Main Race / VSC page: Added highlight colors when ERS/MIX is changed
- Qualy page: Added session time left
- Qualy page: Remplaced fuel delta mix (not available in Q) for fuel remaining laps
- VSC page: Fixed ERS size in NextionEditor
- Fixed some overlaping texts
- Fixed pages with values to "-" instead real values
- Fixed general mappings (best lap, last lap...)
- Fixed Tyres temp to all pages
- Fixed Wear/Damages to all pages
- Fixed Penality to all pages


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