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Hello, I love dashstudio but I can't do certain things that seem very useful to me.

Is there a way by a button to go to a specific screen other than previous or next ?

May be javascript but i dont find by myself.

I found the function [GraphicalDashPlugin.NextScreen] but when I apply it to a button nothing happens.

Do you have an idea ?


Thank you in advance.

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GraphicalDashPlugin.NextScreen should work as a mapped action.
Make sure your buttons are visible and unlocked.
And that there is nothing on top of them. Even a transparent layer.

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Hi Manu47, did you ever get your requirement fixed? I have the exact same issue of wanting to trigger specific screens in a Dash from events or buttons.

Hope to hear!

Regards, G



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I found a small workaround for myself using autohotkey.

You have to know the order of your screens and assign keyboard keys to first and next screen.

Your button in the dashboard then triggers an autohotkey script for the key combination for the screen you want to go to.

e.g. You have four screens and you want a button to directly go to the 3rd. The autohotkey script would send "key to first screen" and then two keys to go to the third screen.


Not perfect, but it works for my current use case.

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Whilst we are on the topic of screens, Is there a way to delete a screen?