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Announcing SimEffects: Wind & Brake Simulation, Notifications, Seat Rumble - Modular & Modable

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I'm very pleased to introduce something I've been working on for a while now that is built around SimHub - SimEffects

SimEffects is a modular, expandable and fully user modable platform based around the SimEffects: Hub that offers the following modules

  • SimEffects: Brake - brake pedal/ABS simulation - know how much pressure you're using by feeling the pedal rumble. Fully user definable thresholds can be setup on a per-car or per-game basis.
  • SimEffects: Wind - wind simulation: Uses standard, off the shelf AC fans rather than DC. Far less expensive, far quieter and easier to implement than traditional DC based systems
  • SimEffects: Notify - a 64 RGB LED matrix display that provides clear, easy to see notification for flags, opponent car position, gear position, etc.
  • SimEffects: Rumble - adds vibration via rumble motors rather than traditional tactile transducers. Far less expensive yet offers very powerful vibration. Expandable to use multiple SimEffects: Rumble modules for larger systems

SimEffect is based around an industry standard Arduino and as such we've given you near full access to it to give YOU the freedom to do what YOU want. Each SimEffects: Hub includes 2x 2-pin, 2x 3-pin and 2x 4-pin jacks for user with our existing modules - or fully available and documented for you to use as YOU see fit! Future modules are already planned including SimEffects: Shift which will show shift points/rev meter.

SimEffects is still in it's early stages and as such I'm looking for racers like you to help me test the system - and for this you'll get the setup at a discount! If you're interested and are willing to provide feedback please contact me via DM here or on the forums on the site.

I'm really looking forward to your questions and feedback!


The SimEffects: System



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