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Using the Simhub SDK  


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13/08/2020 12:18 am  

Hello everyone,

I am completely new in Simhub but my goal is to built my own plugins and do some calculations and evaluations with the data provided by simhub.

Can I find examples how to use the SDK?

I have some questions that might be answered by looking at an example:

  • Is this the method that is called every 1/fps seconds? public void DataUpdate(PluginManager pluginManager, ref GameData data)
  • How to access the gamedata (e.g. current gear)? data.gear?
  • How can I activate the plugin?

Sorry for the very silly beginner questions... Maybe there is a tutorial somewhere which I didnt found...

Thanks in advance!



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10/09/2020 3:52 am  

I've been searching for the same thing for weeks.  I haven't found anything on how to create a dash from scratch or even edit one with specific controls.