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Any way to display Relatives table for ACC with driver classes (Silver, Gold, etc.)

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My ACC league splits the drivers into Silver and Gold based on performance. That way slower drivers have something to compete for. We all drive GT3, and we all race on track at the same time. ACC's default on-screen Overall and Relatives tables do a good job showing a driver's class by coloring the car number box based on what class they are in. That way, drivers can see who they are battling with and know if they are fighting within their class or not.

However, I want to run a clean main screen with no UI elements on it. I have Lovely Dash on top of my wheel. And an old iPad to the side I want to put a dash/display for other relevant info... including a Relatives table. But so far I've had no luck finding a dash with color-coded Relatives or the info on how to create my own.

Anyone know if this is even possible? Any way to get that info out of ACC and into SimHub? Thanks!