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Buttkicker setup issues/questions

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I've owned my buttkicker setup for a few months now and really like it.  However I started to notice some annoying issues with the way I had it set up previously, so after attempting to help a friend get theirs running correctly, it made me want to do mine the correct way.  

To start, what I have:

Newer PC I built myself, including an x570 ASUS ROG TUF motherboard with 5.1 surround sound (realtek).

Triple monitor setup running off of displayports (if that makes a difference)

Logitech surround sound speakers (5.1)

Headphones (USB, for voice comms only)

Buttkicker 2.


Previously I had it set up with a splitter off the green jack on the BACK of the motherboard.  Now, that config works...however, it adversely affects my sound quality, specifically from 1 speaker (I'm guessing because of the splitter??)

What I've tried now is running the buttkicker off the second output on the front of the case.  In the audio settings I have it checked to separate the outputs and unchecked it, no luck.  

Basically, if I try to set it up any other way other than using the splitter off the BACK of the case, I get no signal from sim hub at all.  I'm guessing there is probably some really simple thing I haven't done for this, but for the life of me I cannot figure it out.  I'd rather NOT use a splitter if possible because it does affect the sound quality.


Thanks in advance for any and all help, and I really apologize if this has been covered a lot, I tried a search and didn't find much on it.

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Hi !

You need a dedicated sound card (pci, usb, or anything else it does not matter much as long as it's dedicated to shakers): https://github.com/SHWotever/SimHub/wiki/ShakeIt-V3-Bass-Shakers---Audio-Output-Configuration
Basically using front or rear with a splitter you are mixing game sounds and simhub sounds which will be annoying and definitely not wanted.

About front it's often just a mirror of the rear and not a proper second sound card, better stay away  from that.


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@admin5435 even though I am just doing a single buttkicker??  I just figured there had to be a way to get it to work without it, I mean I have pretty new stuff and all, is seems like something that should really be a simple setup thing, especially configuring audio outputs on a pc...ugh lol.  Thank you for your prompt response, its much appreciated

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@admin5435 Sorry for the super late response but you don't need a dedicated soundcard if you have a GPU with hdmi. I have a 4 BK setup using telemetry to drive them. I use the 7.1 soundcard built into the motherboard to send the telemetry data to the 4 BK and then tell windows to use the GPUs hdmi as the computers main sound output.