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Start selected Overlay regardless of game

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Hi, I have my sims setup already (ie. UDP, etc.) to run Simhub specific overlays, and they work.  My issue is sometimes I forget to start the game from Simhub, and start them through Steam (w/c is more usual), then afterwards start the specific overlay in Simhub (under Saved overlay layouts).  Sometimes though I notice the overlay is not activated and notice it's waiting for a different game to start.


Can't Simhub just detect any game running at the moment (since I guess no one runs more than 1 game at the same time), and just activate the 'Loaded' overlay?  Or how can I automate this?


Another thing/request, is there a way to set the start page/tab of Simhub?  Currently I still have to go to Dash, then still have to click on click on 'Overlay' before being able to 'Load/Start' my selected overlay. 

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