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Continuous disconnection Arduino pedal rumble motors

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Hi everyone, I hope you can help me.

I did DIY rumble for the pedals, followed all the details in the guide on SimHub (small mopeds, similar to GamePads, power supply voltage, etc) and it worked perfectly. Yesterday, as soon as I enter the game, only the Arduino board where the motors are connected is disconnected. I have to remove the USB, reconnect the USB to have the Arduino recognized again, but as soon as I enter the game and the motors start to work, the board stops. I changed the power supply and the usb socket, I also tried to change the game, but the same result. I thought it would stop because the board goes into protection but 1) it worked for a whole day 2) even putting them at minimum power (8%), the Arduino disconnects.

In your opinion, what could it be?

Thanks in advance