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iRacing Extra Properties: Interval/GapToLeaderString Weird Data

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Hi, I've been using Romainrob's iRacing Extra Properties plugin (, and it's been great. However, I noticed some weird behaviour when using these 2 properties:


Basically, it seems the data is incorrect when the reference car (leading car for GapToLeaderString, car in front for Interval) crosses the start/finish line.  Let's say we have the following scenario:

- 3 cars in a race, same class
- The car in 3rd has been lapped by 1st place, but not 2nd place
- The cars in 1st and 2nd are on the same lap

When the car in 1st place crosses the finish line, I notice the following behaviour:

- GapToLeaderString for car in 2nd goes blank
- Interval for car in 2nd is calculated in reference to the car in 3rd, not the car in 1st

In this case, you can also assume the positions aren't changing, so replace XX with 02 to get the values for the car in 2nd place.

I'm not sure if there's a bug somewhere or if I'm misunderstanding what these 2 properties calculate, but any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

If this is a bug I can also make a new GitHub issue for it:)

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