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Jittery tachometer movement / fine tuning

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Hi all, looking for a bit of help with getting one of these tachometers to work with Simhub.

EDIT I have deleted the link to the tacho as it doesn't work  EDIT 

I have it working, after making a little PCB to mount the Arduino Nano, resistor, TIP120 and 12v diode onto, plus proper JST XH connectors for the tacho connection and 12v supply. It is a nice neat setup, and after constructing it with a 2.5KOhm resistor (actually 4 10KOhm resistors in parallel) rather than a 2.2KOhm one I am finding that the tacho needle twitches every now and then. 


I also want to eventually make it work like a Ferrari 312T4 tacho which essentially ignores 0 to 3000 rpm, and only starts at 4000 rpm. The max RPM of the gauge is set at 14K, with the red line at 11K, and I have a laser cutter / engraver that I can use with Inkscape to produce a bespoke gauge face. Obviously I can make the scale how I want, but after playing around with the advanced settings for the tacho where you provide offsets, either I don't understand how it is supposed to work (very probably), or I've done something wrong. Is there a guide somewhere to explain how I can use the tuning of the gauge to accomplish this?  



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