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Leaderboard Opponent Gap vs DriverAhead_00_Gap in RaceRoom  


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02/06/2020 3:24 pm  


I have a dash where I have put both the "QuickText>Leaderboard>Opponent Gap" and "PersistantTrackerPlugin.DriverAhead_00_Gap"

As you can see in the image attached... the gap displayed by each one is different despite the driver ahead is the same (Matias Henkola). 

Time difference can be from several seconds sometimes.

This happens on RaceRoom.

Opponent Gap is configured this way:

GapMode: "FromPlayer"

LeaderboardMode: "Player Class Only".

LeaderboardPosition: "[DataCorePlugin.GameData.NewData.Position]-1"

Matias and me have the same car class.


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07/06/2020 9:47 am  

Hi !

These data are subtly different, the Opponent Gap is exclusively based on data reported by the game, while DriverAhead_00_Gap is a data computed by simhub and represents the relative gap of the player ahead (no matter if overlapped or not ...it's just ahead on track). Since this data is never given by the game I compute it myself in order to provide it, which explains this small computation difference between both data.

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08/06/2020 12:11 pm  

Hi Wotever

Thanks for the answer.

The example I put before was a subtle difference, but sometimes the difference is quite big, in the example attached there is more than 3 seconds difference, which is around a 30% deviation. 

I don't know which one is the good one, and of course one or two tenths would not matter for this purpose... but when the distance goes bigger, the deviation goes bigger too. 

Again, thanks for the time 🙂