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Please Help with a Crazy Idea to Building an F1 Sim for PS4/PS5

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Good day fellow Sim Racers 😉 , I trust you are well. I am desperately hoping that the SimHub community can assist me with building this crazy idea that I can seem to get out of my head 😰 

This idea first started when I learnt how to connect the SimHub application to my PS4 for F1 2021, which was pretty mindblowing 🤯 , thanks to


It's my heart's desire to build an F1 Sim like Mike Yearly's 

I then checked his build thread video on    (Scroll to top of thread). I realised that he is using Sim Tools ( which for me is difficult to understand compared to SimHub),  to control the rig. I wondered if it could be controlled with SimHub ( and ultimately/ later,  to the PS )

Excerpt from his Build thread :

Main bits used:
RCC-MK8 2S seat
24v 42A PSU
2x 24V 440W 1:60 worm drive motors
2x IBT-2 43A H-bridge
Ard Uno R3
2x 360 hall sensor
Fuse box
2x 12v fans for control box cooling
DC to DC buck convertor (24V to 12V)
Stud and MDF board for frame
UV joint (from a Land Rover

I then watched Boosted Media's video on the WindSim set up 

and noticed that he was able to use an Arduino and motor shield to control two small fans. He then assigned those two motors to the " Speed" Effect under the Shake It Tab.

My thought process was 🤔 : if I could somehow replace those two small fan motors with two large 24V 440W 1:60 worm drive motors that he used, and assign that to the " Accelaretalon / Deceleration G force or the Lateral G force"  Effect, maybe I could get a similar response? 

In the real world, I do understand this may be complicated, especially when they talk about " Hall sensors " and " IBT's", let alone how to power it.

But if anyone can provide me with any information (even if it's just theoretical)  regarding the above, I would be ever so thankful.


Yours Faithfully

Keego - "someone who has never used an Arduino in their life"







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