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Problem with iRacing, tire temperatures and other tire numbers not updating in Dashboard

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I cannot get updates of tire information in iRacing in Dashboard.

When I pit numbers are updated, but not while racing.

Do you have any idea why it is working in ACC and Automobilista2 but not in iRacing? 

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Hi, that a limitation from the game.
They purposefully expose very little data from the wheels, tires and brakes.
Presumably to hinder the creation of cheating tools.

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Hi Romainrob,

Thanx for the quick response 🙂

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I was under the impression that you could not get tyre temps and pressures as you would need to have been into the pits for your mechanics to measure them.

In Stock cars, and lower formula road cars the only way to get that data is to come in, change tyres so your crew can then measure the ones that came off the car.

Some GT, Prototypes etc can display current pressures, updated live, as the car and the series allow TPMS systems on the car.

F1 cars can monitor tyre temperatures across the tyre in real time, and the engineers in the pits can keep drivers updated.

The ability for this information to be available varies, and in real life series like F1 will change if they change the rules of the series.

The live updated data is not kept hidden as a way to prevent cheating, it is available if it is in the real world car removed link