Rgb Stip + TM1638
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Rgb Stip + TM1638  


Joao Correia
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02/08/2020 11:47 pm  

Hello everyone!

I have finally finished my rgb strip and my tm1638 panel, all setup and ready to go, my problem is if i connect each one individually they will work fine either on assetto corsa and dirt 2.0, but if i conect them both at the same time one of them wont work. 

As anyone experienced this problem?

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03/08/2020 8:33 pm  

Hi !

Are you using two arduinos ? If so make sure each arduino has a distinct name given at upload (see https://github.com/SHWotever/SimHub/wiki/Arduino-Multiple-devices-support )

If you are using a single arduino for both it could be a powering issue, make sure to avoid usb hubs and use good cable, depending of how many leds you are using you may also need an external power supply : https://github.com/SHWotever/SimHub/wiki/Arduino--Setup#powering-considerations ( but up to 32 leds + tm1638 should be fine without power supply)