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TM1637 shown upside-down  


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03/08/2020 5:58 pm  

Dear fellow Simhub lovers.

First of all, I would like to thank Simhub for having me on this forum. I bought your license and at 60fps it all works amazing.


My 4-digit TM1637 Displays show upside-down. I first thought I probably mounted them 180 degrees rotated but the dots are actually on the bottom side. So the displays are correctly mounted and the delimiter dots show below as they should but the characters are just shown upside down.

Maybe I missed a setting somewhere??

Anybody out there that can help me get the text rotated? Thanks

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03/08/2020 8:28 pm  

Hi ! That's really strange maybe you found a module not wired the same ? Do you have the link of the module ? Simhub sipports modules like this one :

I recently added robotdyn 6 digits and in this particular case digits were not in the same order than typical 4digits modules.

Could you also check that you haven't enabled the reverse display option inside simhub :

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04/08/2020 2:20 am  


Thank you so much for your help. So it was something simple in the end, indeed the reverse display was enabled. I am not sure why but I must have played with that setting before.

I is solved and can now enjoy Simhub even more. 

Fantastic and thank again 😉