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Sending Simhub Data to my friend PC

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Hi guys!

I tried to check the forum here to see if I can find a solution to my problem but I don't really see a thread on this. My problem is: is it possible to make my friend see my Simhub data? In my example, I want to play F1 23, but I want my friend to be my race enginer. So I wouldn't see anything in the game, I would turn off all the HUDs, but he would already see all the data from Simhub and could tell me what is happening on the track. Is there any way to do this? Because I've seen Simhub mostly prefers the local network, but maybe there is another solution. Thanks in advance for your help!

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I also agree with philliphoover's answer, If you're not too worried about security, just give it a try. It is possible to share your Simhub data with your friend, but it depends on the specific data and how you are collecting it. If you are collecting data through a Simhub dashboard or telemetry software, you could potentially share that information with your friend by providing them with access to your dashboard or by sharing a file containing the data. However, if you are collecting data through hardware sensors or other physical devices, it may be more difficult to share that information with your friend. It's important to also consider any privacy concerns before sharing your data with others Fun Games.

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The race engineer would probably look at the data with a lag of +5 sec. Maybe even + 15 sec depending on the solution. Not ideal when you need to 'box-box now' 😉