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ShakeIt no output in game?

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Hi! I just bought a 2x100w amplifier from Amazon it gets recognized as a sound card and I connected 2 rockwood 100w bass shakers. I usually use a USB sound card to connect headphones to my PC so I select my headphones soundcard as primary in windows settings. I open simhub settings, my bass shakers soundcard get recognized, two channels, everything okay, if I press test everything is perfect but then once I open assetto corsa with content manager I don't get any vibration, only the sound from the headphones. If I switch to the bass shakers soundcard/ amp as primary I can feel vibration in game but also many other sounds, like a real speaker and I don't get output from headphones. How can I sort out this problem? I must use the soundcard to use my headphones due to the 6.35 jack. Simhub is working normally, I use a old phone as a dash and everything connect perfectly, just shake it doesn't...I heard some people use voicemeeter but I haven't found a solution... Thank you so much!