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Shift registers for other than gear indicator  

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I have created an SLI-Pro-like dashboard with 3x TM1637 displays that show speed, gear, delta or whatever I want.

I would now want to dump the TM1637 and build a custom PCB that integrates 3x seven-segment displays (2x 4 digits, 1x 1 digit for the gear) (either common-anode or common-cathode, I don't really care) with their shift registers, resistors and stuff. Unfortunately I see that SimHub only supports shift registers for gear indication. Is there any way I can get away with this setup and still display data like speed, delta etc? Maybe there's some way to make SimHub recognize the 2x 4-digit displays as 2x TM1637 in disguise?


Thank you and happy and safe 2021!