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Updated for the first time in ages, now bass shaker isn't working in games.  


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26/07/2019 4:09 pm  

I recently noticed I was a number of versions behind and updated to the latest version of SimHub (v6.8.2), and now my Buttkicker no longer seems to be working in games (it was with the previous version, although I'm afraid I don't have a record of what version that was).

I have a single Buttkicker Gamer 2, connected via a second sound card.  If I send audio to that sound card the Buttkicker vibrates, so I know the hardware is good.

Inside SimHub, on the Shakeit Bass Shaker -> Sound Output tab, I can choose the sound device, set it to mono, and at this point I can use the "Left (mono)" and "Right (mono)" test  buttons and I get vibrations, so SimHub is using the correct audio device.

However, when connected to a game (I've tried both Assetto Corsa and F12019) I get no vibrations. 

I have SimHub configured to vibrate on engine RPM, and inside SimHub I can see that it is connected to the game, and the live graph inside the engine RPM widget shows the correct RPM values, increasing and decreasing as a press and release the throttle, so it seems to be getting telemetry from the game OK.  I've set the various sliders to max, in case it's some volume issue, but still no vibrations.  I've also tried enabling various other effects, with the same result.

At this point I'm stumped and don't know what to try next.  Any suggestions?




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05/08/2019 7:51 pm  

If i set the output to stereo instead of mono, then I get vibrations from only some of the effects. Odd!

Effects that work for me:  Road Rumble, Road Vibration, Road Impacts, Simulated Road Texture, Speed with Curving, Wheels Lock, Wheels Slip

Effects that don't work for me:  Speed, Engine RPMS, Gear Shift, Decceleration G-Force, Acceleration G-Force

Is nobody else having problems?



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26/08/2019 5:44 am  


mira a mi me paso algo similar, junto con el uso de oculus, primero configure para que el sonido salga por las oculus y por la pc a la vez, pero no solucionaba y igual que vos verifique el programa el hardware software, y todo parecia andar, hasta desarme el buttkiker, empezo a andar cuando coloque los dos filtros de frecuencia bajas y altas, y coloque la perilla en 110 hz, ahi empece a subir el volumen y empezo a transmitir, pero rapido corta parece que esta actulizacion manda datos mas fuertes por eso hay que tratar de configurar todo hasta que la luz verde apenas prenda y vas calculando con los volumenes para que no se pase ni quede corto, espero te sirva!



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16/10/2019 8:56 pm  


My Issue is that i have to set default soundcard in Windows to the base shaker card to get the effekts activated in game, then when the game has starter i have to change sound card to the card i want the game sound from to get the correct audio. However that does not work in assetto corsa becouse the game demands a restart to change audio output.

any suggestions?

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