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FFB Clip Warning  

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Hey Guys!
Thanks for your hard work that make us having such a great time while simracing!!!

Probably my request can seem a little weird, but I think it could be a really GREAT tool for someone that is looking for the perfect setup and settings of his gears.


We all know that we have to avoid FFB clip lowering the FFB gain in game to achieve the max dynamic. Although this, rF2 has a really wide selection of cars (OpenWheels, GT3, GTE, Kart, Touring, Mod from Workshop, etc, etc). Each cars has a different FFB and a different FFB value.

For example I can feel V8 with an extra strong FFB, while 500 Abarth Ares has a medium FFB. So, How could I check it in game while in practice with VR?

Easy: We could introduce a little plugin with a specific sound (alarm) when you reach 100% FFB in game, so you can set up the FFB gain (FFB Vehicle multiplier for rF2) to avoid clipping and let the game squeeze every bit of FFB detail from our Wheels!

I think sound could work better then HUD cause when you are in practice your focus is on driving, and who uses VR HMD couldn't see the FFB bar.


What do you think about this?
Thanks in advance.



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