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Hello! I am contacting you now with several requests. First of all, I would like and would be very grateful if Spintires, Mudrunner and Snow runner appeared among the supported games. . My second request is a feature that would look like this: When the engine is started, there would be a so-called measuring test/calibration, so the tachometer and the speedometer would go up to the max value for a moment and then back to idle. (this would of course be optional and everyone would decide whether to turn it on or not.)  My third request would be a property. I would need the cargo load from the fs19 and fs22 (for this later the value could be put on a 7-segment display and/or an LED warning I could do it if it's close to full). This telemetry data is provided by the game, because the simdashboard program can display it. Thank you in advance for your help and I'm sorry if my request was a bit long.

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I support the questions!