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Are there plans to support the upcoming new simulation "Rennsport" / AC2?

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and first a huge thank you for your wonderfull product!

As I am looking forward to Rennsport that is currently running in an early phase of its development, and it might be a new serious racing simulation in the near future:

Do you already have plans to support the game?

And, as we now have first confirmations for AC2 in Spring 2024 as well?

 and if already more detailled plans

Specifically in the section of Bass-Shaker and full support of Arduino RGB Led support for

FLAGS Spotter TC ABS Brake Temps ...... like in ACC


Thank you in advance


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I got last week also my key, and Rennsport will be nice.

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@manuelst Just got access as well - I guess they aren't necessarily copying from another game so they may be creating their own standard. Either way hopefully you guys can work together to bring support as not being able to use SimHub is a deal breaker for me these days.