Servos as gauges  


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14/03/2020 12:43 pm  

Hello! I designed My own dashboard (and completed the building) with RPM, speed, boost, fuel, and water temperature gauges using servos. I did this because I thought servos would accept plain PWM as data, silly me 😛

I started working on modifying your sketch and...  failed :-O

Is there a kind of plugin, or an easy way of modifying the sketch to get it to work? If not, I think servos would be a great addition to your Arduino thing. They are cheap, easy to get and combined with your easy to use Arduino sketch tool, would make up for another great feature for DIYers like me!

PS.: once I get it working I will probably upload the 3D-models for the gears and stuff. Because I want SimHub to stay alive!

Keep up the great work everybody 🙂

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