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Support for multiple PCF8574 chips/boards

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I have uploaded  the sketch for the Shakeit motors works great. I currently have 8 shakeit motors and will add fans to the remaining 4 possible motor outputs. 

I have also built a button matrix box and on its own it also works great. 

But as soon as I connect both to my pc, the pc starts having problems with the Arduinos and my Fanatec gear. 

It would be great if I could incorporate them all into one Arduino Uno and use the simple 4 wires of I2C bus to locate the extra I/O where convenient on my rig. 

4 wires=5+,Sda,Scl,0v

I would also like to add about 8 rotary encoders 4 on each side of my wheel base along with some of those buttons from the button matrix.

Is there a simple way to add the I/O expander of PCF8574 and pin assignments.

I am a novice arduino Programmer/learner  i can write, read and address the PCF8574 but cant figure out how to substitute the Arduino pin assignment in the IDE code generated by Simhubs Sketch setup with the pins of PCF8574. 

Help would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance

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