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I'm building a completely DIY simulator project for my capstone class. I'm having some trouble understanding sim hub as a whole. I have a few questions which are the following...

1. I set up the Arduino in sim hub sketch setup program, but how do I know that the main sim hub program knows which port my tach is in? 

2. I'm using an instrument cluster out of a crown victoria and want to set up a custom shift light that lights up as 6000 rpm. How do I do that?

3. I'm using this for an Xbox setup. Does the Arduino need a computer as a communicator between it and the Xbox? 

This is a big project of mine so I would love some help and if anyone knows about this stuff top to bottom, I would love for you to contact me. 


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Hello !

1. Simhub scans all available serial ports and use an acknowledgement protocol to recognize Arduino running simhub sketch and retrieve enabled features from the Arduino directly. This is a design choice to avoid struggle with inconsistent serial port names, usually some chips like ch340g will be recognized as new com port number when just changing the usb port, it was really annoying and that's why I totally removed a loooong time ago any manual serial port selection.

2. You need an RGB led, and use the shift light effect in simhub (, , ws2812b comes in various form factors, single led, small 4x4 square, circle ... Simply pick the best for your purpose.

3. Yes, the simhub pc software is the bridge between the game and Arduino. However Xbox is not really the platform of choice for such modding, pc has wider game compatibility :