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Request for ATS Bass Shaker Profile : American Truck Simulator

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Just checking to see if there are any people out there with some well tuned bass shaker profiles for American Truck Simulator? I've been working on one myself, but it's been a little tricky to get all the various main vibrations to work without having them be overpowering on my buttkicker. lol   I've also wondered if using the auto calibration feature my be a good option, but I'm still new to using SimHub's bass shaker setup. Previously I just used audio output to my rig's buttkicker, which does work pretty well in most games. Using SimHub's options though enables some SERIOUS fine tuning of what effects you do and don't want. 🙂 I was surprised there aren't more shared profiles for various games posted here in the forum though.

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I was also surprised to find so little about truck sim profiles for bass shakers. The setup can be quite overwhelming.
That is why I went with just four effects. I documented my settings here (at the end of the page), but this was just a starting point.

In the meantime I reduced this to just RPMS with an adjusted curve and a tiny bit of 'Simulated Road Texture'. Works best for me. It adds a lot to the driving experience. Keep in mind though, that the 'Game Global Gain' as well as the 'SimHub Output' and the volume of your soundcard / bass shaker influences the intensity, so these are probably different for everyone. It really is about dialing it in.

Curious to learn about other people's setups.

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