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Hobby servo harness tensioners driven by Arduino and SimHub 7.3.14 Custom serial device

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  • Hardware and electronics are described here and there.
  • SimHub Custom serial device is described here.
  • Arduino sketch programming is described here.
  • Total cost less than US$120

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Hello blekenbleu,

Based on your original code I made several extensions, uploaded HERE



1. Modified Arduino sketch to be uploaded directly to Arduino Nano clone

2. Modified SimHub Profile to use AccelerationSway;GlobalAccelerationG (tested in Dirt Rally 2, Forza Horizon series, WRC series, Asseto Corsa)

3. Added function to check if game is running to release servo tension when not in game

4. Extended project with 3D printed parts, designed by me, as follows:

4.1 Universal belt roller - can be mounted on any seat belt guides

4.2 Supercapacitor +  control box - containing 3 supercaps in series + Ardiuno Nano + 16mm reset button


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@stuyo you my friend made my day.  I thank you!

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Just a quick question, you mentioned you've modified the custom serial to detect game not running to release the tension, but I can't see that in the file and I've built up the device, all working other than the tension remains when the game is quit (assetto corsa)... Is the github file the latest you have?

"3. Added function to check if game is running to release servo tension when not in game"

Maybe i'm missing something as I am not that savvy with the Simhub NCALC stuff.

This is a great little addition BTW!