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VOCORE not detected anymore

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i am using a VOCORE Touch 4" on my rig for a long time. Over night it stopped working.

In SimHub following error message appears: "Searching for Device" & "Device not found yet, have you installed the driver?"

The VOCORE Display is on, i see that because the backlight is on.

In Windows Device Manager there is the Device-Status; Translated Message from me like: Could not start device, Error Code 10. (Original Message in German: "Das Gerät kann nicht gestartet werden. Code 10")


Software i use:

Windows 10, Simhub 8.1.2, VOCORE Driver


What i tried:

  • Downgrading Simhub
  • Upgrading SimHub
  • Reinstalling VOCORE Drivers
  • Reconnecting it
  • Different USB Port


So i think the error is not on simhub. the drivers are up to date.

I think of 2 possibilities:

  1. The Device is defect 
  2. some other software is denying it.

Does someone know how to proof one or the other?



DashPanel (on Steam) is not finding the VOCORE either


i tested the Screen on my Notebook with fresh drivers (and windows). same issue.

I tested it with different usb cables. So i think the Screen is broken.

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