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All-In-One Overlay for iRacing (crameris1)  

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The 'All-In-One" overlay for iRacing is here, both standard and with steering traces: All-In-One

Youtube of older version


  • First-place in class and the three positions ahead in class. For each car, their:
    • position in class,
    • car number,
    • Nationality/region flag based on iRacing club,
    • name,
    • current gap,
    • last lap time (green if your last lap time was better),
    • whether they are in the pits and if not how many laps since last pit,
    • car model
  • Relative leaderboard for 3 cars ahead and 3 cars behind. For each car, their:
    • position in class (color coded per class),
    • car number,
    • name,
    • Nationality/region flag based on iRacing club,
    • current gap with box indicating gap is increasing (red for cars ahead, green for cars
      behind) or decreasing (green for cars ahead, red for cars behind),
    • irating/license string,
    • last lap time (green if your last lap time was better),
    • car model (color coded per class)
  • Position of player on relative leaderboard with:
    • position in class,
    • car number,
    • Nationality/region flag based on iRacing club,
    • name,
    • projected irating change,
    • live delta to best session lap,
    • best lap time this session
  • Position
  • Last lap time
  • Time left in session
  • Laps left in session
  • Strength-of-field (SOF)
  • Brake Bias
  • Incident points
  • Tire temperatures
  • Tire wear
  • Pit speed limit and current speed when entering or approaching pits (Overlays over-top of the Tire temperatures and Tire wear sections)
  • Bar graph to distance to pit entrance, then pit stall, then pit exit (experimental feature)
  • Fuel on board
  • Laps left of fuel/Time left of fuel
  • Fuel to add at next pit stop
  • Current pit settings for all four tires (T), Fuel (FU), and Fast Repair (FR)
  • Current Flag
  • Gear Indicator (with color changing to red when at rev limiter)
  • Line Gauges for Clutch, Brake, and Throttle (also steering traces for steering traces overlay)
  • Car-on-your-left and Car-on-your-right indicators (A red overlay over-top of the left side for car left and a red overlay over-top of the right side for car right)

Note that some of the above may only be accurate after a lap or two have been registered.


  1. Download SimHub:
  2. Download the overlay pack here: All-In-One
  3. Extract the files.
  4. Close Simhub and copy the all the content inside of the “Copy my content to SimHub install folder” folder and paste it in the SimHub install folder (typically C:\Program Files (x86)\SimHub)
  5. Double click the “AllInOne.simhubdash” file to install the overlay.
  6. Enable the “iRacingExtraProperties” plugin when prompted to (or in SimHub settings/plugins screen). - To ensure it is installed, go to settings on the left side bar, then plugins in the top bar, then scroll down to ‘iRacing Extra Properties’ and ensure the slider is selected on.
  7. In Simhub, click on the "Dash Studio" icon on the left-side bar.
  8. Click on "Overlays" in the top bar.
  9. Click on the "New Overlay Layout" button on the top right of the window to open the overlay layout editor.
  10. Click on "Add overlay"
  11. Click "ADD" next to AllInOne Dash. Resize and position it where you want on the screen. Click
  12. Click "Save layout" to save. Then click "Stop edit"
  13. Close the overlay layout editor by clicking the "x"
  14. Under "Saved Overlay Layouts", click "AUTO" next to the saved overlay to have the overlay loaded automatically when Simhub opens. Otherwise click "Load" next to the saved overlay to open it manually.

**Note that iRacing must run in windowed mode.


Much help for this goes to RomainRob for the iRacing properties addon.

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