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Rietveld Design


Hi everyone!

I'm Maurice Rietveld from The Netherlands and im pretty new to dashboards but i was trying to make one for GT3 cars, i just finisht and hopefully it work how i want and maby you wanna test it and give me feedback for improvements or updates new things! 😀 if you want you can text me and i will make it a personal dash for you like colors or other stuff 🙂 hopefully you like my Dash! 😀


If you want a personal Idle or ignition off screen just ask me about it!

Special thanks to Romainrob without him it was not possible!




Left and Right side Relative --> Relative car Behind and car ahead

Delta bar --> Turns red if not faster then session Best turns green if faster then session best, The Background from this bar turns a bit red when you have a offtrack current lap


Track Temp --> Just track temp at the moment

Air Temp --> Just air temp at the moment

Live map --> you can see a live map and cars are driving arround you (very helpfull when in pit or driving out)

Red Square --> Incident points

ABS --> ABS in car (Anti-lock braking system)

TC-1 --> TC level (Traction Control)

SOF --> Strength of Field


Delta Time --> your delta time same as delta bar but then the time 🙂 red is slower then session best green is faster then session best

Gear --> Current gear you in

KMPH --> how fast you driving at the moment

Time remaining --> Time left in session

Right side!

LL --> Last Lap time

SB --> Session Best time

PB --> Personal Best time

Fuel per --> Fuel usage per lap

Laps to empty --> how many laps you can drive till its empty

Refuel --> how many you need to refuel till finish

Fuel Left --> how many fuel there is still in the car so you can maby drive one more if you are saving or behind a car 🙂 

MAP --> MAP the engine mapping at the moment 

BIAS --> Brake bias

Pit Time --> this is only the STOP time


Version V 1.1 Release date -> 24-06-2022

New in this update

1. New Idle screen
2. New Ignition off screen (When ignition is not on if you are in the pit lane you can see current position and i added there what Version you have
3. Added Flags, Checkered, Blue, Yellow, Green, White, Black and the slow car ahead with the distance you are away from it. ( see screenshot )
4. some small fine tuning things 🙂 



If you feel my work and dash are worth a donation, thank you very much!



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Version 1.1

Yess after try to do something more and add more to the dash i finisht to add the flags and Ilde screen and the ignition off screen! 

i just gonna like it to make this kind of stuff! so i just gonna do also a bit for you! if you are in a team or just like to have a own Idle screen just ask me about it i can make it a bit personal for you! 🙂 its a lot of work but kinda fun so yeah why not! 😛