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I finally released my own dash for iRacing and it's available for download on RaceDepartment.

The dash is 850x480 and contains two pages:

The main page has the following content:

  • Throttle and Brake gauge, that will blink at 100% throttle
  • Your session's optimal time
  • Gear
  • Your last lap time (will change background color)
  • Position (changes color depending on if you have gained or lost positions)
  • Sector 1-7 with a sector progress bar for each sector depending on how many sectors the current track has
  • Best/last/delta for each sector.
  • Last/Delta will change background color depending on if your time it's faster or slower
  • If the track has less than 7 sectors the corresponding sectors will not be visible (see pictures)
  • A big delta on the bottom to your best lap
  • Time to car ahead and behind
  • Lap review alert from Lovely Dashboard by Constantinos Demetriadis

Secondary page

  • Shows information about the car ahead and behind
    • Driver name, Safety Rating, and iRating
    • Gap to driver
    • Last lap time difference (DIFF)
    • Last lap time
    • Best lap time
  • Central widget from Lovely Dashboard by Constantinos Demetriadis

iRacing Extra Properties plugin
Lovely-Dashboard JavascriptExtensions (scroll down to Settings and read how to install it)

Their work has served as inspiration and some functionalities have been included in this dashboard, so thank you for your excellent work!

Constantinos Demetriadis: Lovely Dashboard
Romainrob: Romainrob's Collection

Hope you guys enjoy this dashboard

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