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Arduino Nano - Wiring confirmation

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Hi all,

This is the first time I've created my own wiring diagram in SimHub to use with my custom designed wheel, so I'd like a sanity check!

The wheel has 10 front-facing buttons, 2 rear paddles, and 2 rotary encoders with clickable buttons also.

This is the sketch:

And this is my visualisation:

My button matrix is split into 3 rows and 4 columns (labeled R for row and C for column on my diagram)

If someone could generously look at that for 5 minutes and let me know if I've visualised that correctly? That would be super helpful!

Also, the sketch showed no wiring for the rotary encoder ground pins, but I've added them anyway. Should I have left them out?

Thanks everyone.

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nice project, but i must to tell you that if you use a nano it will be not reconize as a joystick in game... only simhub will see the buttons

you should take a leonardo or a pro micro to connect be reconize by windows